Come with school to the Camel Dairy and learn all about camels! If you have booked a school programme, you will be welcomed with coffee, tea, lemonade and a slice of cake. The tour guide will use a presentation to tell you more about the special animals and the origin of the camel dairy. Then we will dive into the stables. There you will come face to face with the camels and be allowed to pet them. Finally, you can taste the camel’s milk.

11 euro p.p. from 15 persons

1,5 hour


Reception with coffee/tea and a slice of cake

Comprehensive presentation on the camel and camel dairy

Guided tour of the company

Sitting on a camel

Tasting the camel milk

Practical info

Yes, you certainly can! However, we do charge the starting rate of 15 people.
When the weather is bad, the camels are inside the stables. The tour
can therefore continue even if the weather is bad
It is smart to put on sturdy and dense shoes or boots.
It is advisable to put on old clothes, especially if you want to run around the straw castle afterwards.