camel milk pickup

Want super fresh camel milk? Then you can also come and collect the milk yourself at the Camel Dairy.
We stock fresh camel milk during the times listed below. The minimum purchase of fresh camel milk is 5 litres.

Monday09:00-17:00 (fresh milk until 11:00)
Wednesday09:00-17:00 (fresh milk until 11:00)
Friday09:00-17:00 (fresh milk until 11:00)

Please note that we empty the milk tank on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! This means for you that we have no fresh milk after 11:00 am on those days!

Saturday mornings:

9am only. Wait for us at the gate in the car park.

It is not possible to buy milk after 09:00.

Please note: Do not walk into the stables yourself, we will come to the car park!

Sunday we are closed for milk collection

milk delivered to your home

Want super fresh camel milk delivered to your home? Then you can also order the milk from our webshop.