Extend your day out with one or more of our additional activities. These activities complement a guided tour and cannot be booked separately. If you want to combine a guided tour with some more action, go for camel shooting. If you are a lavish group, the workshops are also highly recommended!

wooden camel shooting

Using high air pressure, you shoot tennis balls at the camels. Obviously not real camels. Who can hit the most camels?

You can play this fun game for as little as €3 per person .

Camel shooting & Bosschebollen workshop

Berlicum is very close to ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the city famous for its Bossche Bollen. Maybe you have tasted them, but have you ever made them yourself? Then they taste even better!

For €9 per person, make this camel milk dessert and go camel shooting.

Camel shooting & Camel ice cream workshop

Berlicum ligt heel dicht bij ’s-Hertogenbosch, de stad die beroemd is om haar Bossche Bollen. Misschien heb je ze wel eens geproefd, maar heb je ze al eens zelf gemaakt? Dan smaken ze nog veel lekkerder!

Voor €9,- per persoon maak je dit kamelenmelk dessert en ga je kameelschieten.


All those impressions and experiences will of course make you hungry and thirsty! In our restaurant with an Arabic styl;e , our visitors can enjoy a delicious thirst quencher and various buffets. A visit to the restaurant is always accompanied by a tour or activity with the camels. The buffets can only be booked in advance. We are happy to take into account all your dietary requirements and can adapt any option to your needs. Please let us know your dietary requirements and allergies in advance so we can take them into account.


At the farm, we provide various lunch buffets. Check out our different lunch options below. All lunches are offered from 15 persons upwards.

At a coffee table, the following will be prepared for you:

  • Soup
  • Boiled eggs
  • Various bread rolls (soft rolls, currant bun)
  • Various fillings (cold cuts, cheese, sweets)
  • Unlimited coffee and tea
  • May be extended with a croquette (+ €2,- p.p.)

We offer this lunch from 15 persons €16.50 p.p.

Are you with more than 30 people? Then lunch costs €16, – p.p.

A simple lunch served on platters, consisting of:

  • Soft ham sandwich
  • Soft cheese sandwich
  • Currant bun

We offer this lunch as from 15 persons

€7.50 p.p.

With a self-made lunch, you get to make your own! You get to bake and stuff your own burgers. Ready for you on the buffet:

  • Chips
  • Hamburger
  • Hamburger buns
  • Fillings (tomato, lettuce leaf, cheese and various sauces)
  • Optionally expandable with soup (+ €3,- p.p.)

We offer this lunch as from 15 persons

€9.50 p.p.

  • Brabant Sausage Roll €3.25 p.p.
  • Bitterballen (Dutch specialty) (15pcs) €7,50
  • Dutch Mini Meatballs (15pcs) €7,50
  • Dutch fried snacks mix (15pcs) €7,50


Dine with the camels! Go for a delicious hot buffet or have a barbecue on the terrace overlooking the camels grazing in the meadow. Check out the details of our different dinner options below. All dinners are offered starting at 20 people or more.

A delicious buffet! The buffet features the following:

  • Soup
  • Potatoes
  • Salad
  • Choice of one of the following meats: chicken, ham, schnitzel or pork steak.

Please indicate before your visit which kind of meat you would like, and we will make sure there is one piece ready for everyone.

€22,50 p.p.

We’ll light the BBQ for you and then you get to start your own! On the buffet, all sorts of things are ready:

  • Herb butter & French bread
  • Chicken drumstick
  • Hamburger
  • Pork tenderloin skewer
  • Different salads
  • Various sauces

€22,50 p.p.


You certainly can! However, we do charge the price for 15 people for lunch and the price for 20 people for dinner.