Experience an unforgettable day at our camel dairy together with your friends, family or team. You will be welcomed with coffee, tea, lemonade and a slice of cake. In a presentation, the tour guide will tell you more about the special animals and the origin of the camel dairy. Then we will dive into the stables. There you will come face to face with the camels and be allowed to pet them. Furthermore, a full lunch will be waiting for you in the restaurant and you can taste the camel’s milk. The lunch will consist of a cup of soup, various sandwiches with fillings (cheese, cold cuts and sweet), boiled egg and unlimited coffee and tea. The lunch can be extended with a croquette if required. Conclude this special experience with a solex tour through the Brabant countryside.

54 euro p.p. from 15 persons

4 hours


Reception with coffee, tea, lemonade and cake

Presentation on camels and the company

Guided tour of the farm

Milking calves and sitting on a camel

Camel milk tasting

Lunch: coffee table

Solex tour (1 hour)


Prefer a different lunch? You can! Check out our different lunch options below. All lunches are offered from 15 persons upwards. The buffets can only be booked in advance. We gladly take into account all your dietary requirements and can adapt any option to your needs. Please let us know your dietary requirements and allergies in advance so we can take them into account.

A simple lunch served on platters, consisting of:

  • Soft ham sandwich
  • Soft cheese sandwich
  • Currant bun

We offer this lunch as from 15 persons

€7.50 p.p.

With a self-made lunch, you get to make your own! You get to bake and top your own burgers. Ready for you on the buffet:

  • Chips
  • Hamburger
  • Hamburger buns
  • Fillings
  • Optionally expandable with soup (+ €3,- p.p.)

We offer this lunch from 15 persons

€9.50 p.p.

At a coffee table, the following will be prepared for you:

  • Soup
  • Boiled eggs
  • Various bread rolls (soft rolls, currant bun)
  • Various fillings (cold cuts, cheese, sweets)
  • Unlimited coffee and tea
  • May be extended with croquette (+ €2,- p.p.)

We offer this lunch from 15 persons

€16.50 p.p.

Are you with more than 30 people? Then lunch costs €16, – p.p.

Visit & Stay

Can’t get enough of our camels and would you prefer to live on our farm? You can, temporarily, in our group accommodation.


You certainly can! However, we apply the starting rate of 15 people.
In bad weather, our camels are inside the stables. The tour can therefore continue as usual
It is smart to put on sturdy and dense shoes or boots.
It is advisable to put on old clothes, especially if you want to run around the straw castle afterwards.
We can shuffle the schedule and tailor a programme for you.

Send an email to Bezoek@kamelenmelk.nl