Looking for an active outing with a group? Book an interactive tour and start or end this special experience with paintball. If you have booked a paintball package, you and your group will be welcomed with coffee, tea, lemonade and a slice of cake. The tour guide will give a presentation on the special animals and the origin of the camel dairy. Then we dive into the stables. There you will come face to face with the camels and be allowed to pet them. For the real daredevils, it is possible to sit on the camels. Is that a bit too exciting? Then perhaps giving a bottle to the calves is more up your alley! To recover from all the impressions and experiences, lunch will be waiting for you and you can taste fresh camel milk. The coffee table will consist of a cup of soup, various sandwiches with fillings (cheese, cold cuts and sweet), boiled egg and unlimited coffee and tea. The lunch can be extended with a croquette if required.

54 euros p.p. from 15 people

5,5 hour


Reception with coffee, tea, lemonade and cake

Comprehensive presentation on the camel and camel dairy

Guided tour

Milking calves and sitting on a camel

Lunch: coffee table

Tasting the camel’s milk

Paintball game

Visit & stay

Can’t get enough of our camels and would love to live on our farm? You can, temporarily, in our group accommodation.

Practical info

Yes you certainly can. However, we charge a starting rate for 15 people. A minimum of 8 people are required for paintballing.

In bad weather, the camels are inside and the tour can continue as normal.
Paintball can also continue as normal.

For this arrangement, wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes that are allowed to get dirty. Think old clothes and closed shoes with a good grip. Long sleeves and trousers are recommended to protect skin from paintballs!