Sales Points UK

Sales Points UK

  • Mullaco
    35 Oxford Street
    WF177PJ Mount Pleasant, Batley

  • Exotic Frozen Foods
    10 Parliament Street
    B10 0QJ Birmingham

  • UK Camel Milk Ltd
    Ahmed Al-Suweidi Offers a overnight delivery service through out the mainland UK at very competitive prices
    Sheringham Place 13
    BL35EX Bolton, Lancashire
    07765 806061 / 07717 398348

  • Herbal Traditions
    137a Ilford Lane 
    Ilford, Essex IG1 2RP
    0203 105 0499

  • Camel Milk Express
    59 Cloudesdale road
    SW17 8ET London
    07585 059 770

    Desert Farms (only the raw camel milk and the camel milk powder)
    Mailing Address:
    56 Raynham
    Norfolk Crescent
    London, W2 2PQ UK 
    +44 203 695 8445

  • Mr Usmain Ubaid
    25 Nicholson Street
    OL111PT Rochdale


Fresh Camel Milk delivered at home, throughout Europe!
Fresh camel milk is now also available at home, in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Great Britain and the rest of Europe!

Note: the transport costs are more expensive than that of other camel milk products, due to the priority transport.

Milk powder can still be delivered worldwide.

Delivery at home
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