About our restaurant

Camel dairy Smits has a big restuarant and an terrace. A very nice place for a refreshing drink  or for a delicious lunch, dinner or barbecue. Also for kids there is a lot of fun. Drinks are flyingon the magi flying carpet through the air. Outside there is a play area with a huge sandbox for the kids.

Are you with a group we can organise lunches and a cosy barbecue. Please note that this is only possible when you booked a safari or other activity with the group. 


Gezellig eten op ons terras

Prices for drinks

Coffee / tea €2,25

Camelcino €2,75

ChoCamel (warm) €3,25

ChoCamel + slagroom €3,75

Soda’s €2,25

Orange juice / Applejuice €2,25

Flat or sparkling water €2,25

Chocomel / Fristi €2,25

Camel milk €2,25

Beer 0% €2,7

A flying carpet

Drinks are served on our Flying Carpets, which fly to your table!