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In collaboration with different specialized companies Camel Dairy Farm Smits has developed several innovative products made of camel milk. More information about each product can be found in the menu on the left side. In addition there are also nice camel souvenirs for sale. All the camel milk products and souvenirs can be ordered in the webshop.


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Camel milk

The camel milk comes from one-humped camels (dromedaries). The quality of the milk is carefully monitored according to the hygiene package for farm dairy preparation. After the camels have been milked, the milk is immediately frozen in 0.5 liter bottles. The frozen milk can be stored in the freezer for one year. Once thawed, it can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 days. The milk can best be thawed in the refrigerator and cannot be re-frozen afterwards.


 Because the milk has not been processed, the fat contained in the milk can float on the milk. Shake well is the solution for this! Unprocessed camel milk that has not yet been frozen can be kept in the refrigerator for 5 days.


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Camel milk powder and capsules

Because fresh milk is not always logistically possible, a milk powder has also been developed from camel milk. This milk powder consists of 100% pure natural camel milk. The powder is obtained by means of spray drying. This way of processing preserves all the nutritional values and properties of the fresh camel milk. Milk powder is therefore just as healthy as fresh milk and easier to store. The powder can be kept for a year in a dry place.


The milk powder can be supplied in pots or bags of 420 grams, from which approximately 21 glasses of camel milk can be obtained. It is also possible to order a bag of 200 grams. Not everyone likes the taste of the milk powder, you can also add some real cocoa powder or fresh vanilla. In our webshop it is possible to order a fresh vanilla pod with the camel milk powder.

Camel milk capsules

Instead of drinking the camel milk, it is also possible to swallow capsules filled with milk powder. These capsules are made of vegetable material and filled with 100% pure natural camel milk from the camels of Camel Dairy Smits. For a clearly noticeable effect, it is recommended to take 2 to 3 capsules per day with a glass of water for at least three months. The capsules have a shelf life of two years and must be stored dry.

Camel milk bread

Camel milk bread has been on the market since 2011! The bread is healthy and tasty due to the properties of camel milk. The bread is made from sourdough and spelt grains and is therefore also suitable for people with wheat intolerance and stomach and intestinal complaints.

The 500 gram bread is half baked and packed in a baking bag, sliced. So the bread has to be baked off at home. The bread also looks nice because of the camel logo on it.

Camel milk liqueur Cameleys

Fancy a nice drink? Or are you looking for a unique gift?


Consider the camel milk liqueur!


This liqueur with a Baileys-like flavor is made with camel milk. Available in small bottles of 200ml and large bottles of 500ml.

Camel milk soap

Camel milk is good for your inside and outside. In addition to camel milk, the camel milk soap also contains olive oil, which makes the skin nice and soft. It is a beautiful bar of soap of ± 80 grams, with our logo and in a cardboard packaging! Also nice to give as a present!

Camelmilk chocolates- Kamelka

Camel milk inspired bakery Vermeulen & Den Otter to develop chocolate based on camel milk. This is how the camel milk bonbons Kamelka were created. The chocolates are filled and come in the flavors of pure and milk. The chocolates are packed per 10 pieces in a box and also have the shape of a camel bump! They are therefore also very nice to give as a gift.

The chocolates are on the market under the name Kamelka. An exclusive bonbon, available in the flavors milk and pure, that has no equal on the Dutch market!