The following issues are important on the Camel Dairy Farm:

  • Welfare
  • Innovation
  • Social Responsibility
  • Scientific responsibility

Camels are very intelligent animals with a good memory. It is a friendly animal that penalizes unfriendly behavior. It is therefore important to treat the animals well.
On the dairy a regular scheme is pursued for the animals. During milking it must be quiet in the stables as much as possible to prevent stress.

Milking camels in the Netherlands and Europe is new. Innovation is important on Camel Dairy Smits. Therefore we continue to develop new products from camel milk, but also for our visitors we are always looking for new and innovative activities. At this way the concept of Camel Dairy stays attractive for everyone.

Social responsibility
The camel is a friendly, cuddly animal that penalizes unfriendly behavior.
During tours and activities at the dairy we try to teach the people to treat the animals in a right and respectful way. Thus children learn on a playful way the importance of “relationships” and “taking care of” and adults learn to take a leadership position.

Scientific responsibility
Camel milk is much closer to human milk than to other types of milk and is a symbol of nature and health. Many studies on the health effects of camel milk for various conditions are already conducted by different institutes and universities. Camel Dairy Smits also contributes to some studies.