Extra Activities

Can’t get enough of the camels? 


Extend your visit to the farm with an extra activity. Please note, a Discovery tour or the Sunday/holiday safari cannot be extended.

Shooting Camels (not real ones 🙂 )

With a high-pressure gun you are going to shoot tennis balls at wooden camels! Who can hit the most camels? A very fun and competitive game!


Up to 15 persons: €45,-
from 16 persons: €3,- p.p.

Combination of Workshop make a Bossche bol (local pastry) and Shooting Camels

Our farm is very close to ’s-Hertogenbosch, a city that is famous for many reasons, but also for their delicious pastry: Bossche Bol.

It is a puff pastry, filled with whipped cream and covered in chocolate!


Maybe you have tasted one already, but if you make them yourself they taste even better! 


Up to 15 persons: €112,50
From 16 persons: €7,50 p.p.

Combination of Ice cream workshop and Shooting Camels
Vanilla or forest fruit or strawberry? What is your favourite ice cream flavour? Make your own ice cream made with camel milk and have it as a dessert if you also booked the BBQ!  


Up to 15 persons: €135
From 16 persons: €9,00 p.p.

Climbing wall (for the age of 10 years or older)
Looking for an active activity, with a bit of competition and teamwork? Than come into the stables and onto the climbing wall. After an instruction about safety and how to use the belts, we will split the group. One is going on the climbing wall (2 persons at a time and 2 for belay) and the rest will start making a tower with bales. Both require a lot of teamwork! 


Up to 15 persons: €150,-
From 16 persons: €10,- p.p.

Shooting tennis balls with a high pressure canon
Delicious home made Bossche Bollen
Fresh ice cream made with camel milk
The machine does the rest
It requires teamwork to get this high!
But the view will be worth it!