Discovery tour

Discovery tour

You want to visit the Camel Dairy Farm, with a small group? Or do you just happen to come by and want to know more about camels?


For individuals and small groups, up to 7 persons, we especially have the Discovery tour.

You get a bag with food for the camels, an information booklet and map.

You can discover the farm and our camels, at your own pace!


For the Discovery tour you are welcome from Monday – Friday between 10 am and 4 pm. On days that we have a holiday safari, you are welcome at 2.30 pm. In the weekends a Discovery tour is not possible!


Program (duration ± 0.5 hours, but you are welcome to stay till we close):

– At the front desk you receive the Discovery Tour bag

– Opportunity to read through the information and route

– Walk around on the farm with the opportunity to meet, pet and feed the camels

– Taste the camel milk

– Hand in the Discovery Tour bag at the counter or to an employee



€7,50 per person.


Note: Children must be accompanied by an adult.


When the weather is bad (rain), the camels are inside.

kindje geeft kameel eten