Camel Milk



Camel milk, the best alternative to cow’s milk!
Camel milk is raw, pure and not pasteurized!

Camel milk is new in the Netherlands since 2006. Camel Dairy Farm Smits is the first and only camel dairy farm in Europe.

Dutch camel milk tastes about the same as cow’s milk. Some people find that camel milk tastes saltier and spicier than cow’s milk. Cows and camels eat mostly grass. This grass largely determines the taste of the milk.

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), camel milk is one of the healthiest animal milks. Camel milk contains no beta-lactoglobulin, the protein that plays a major role in the development of cow’s milk allergy.

  • 5.Kameelinmelkruimte
    Milking the camels
  • 2.Kamelenmelken
    Joyce, 1 of the first camel milkers
  • 6.kamelenuiers
    The utter and the milking machine
  • 2.melkverwerking
    Ruud bottles the camel milk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
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Composition Camel milk


Protein (g/100g) 2,55
Fat:   (g/100g) 3,4
Unsaturated fatty acids 43%
Lactose (g/100g) 4,3
Minerals (g/100g) 0,9
Energy 68,6 kcal/100g

The numbers below are percentages per 100ml camel milk

Minerals   Vitamins  
Na (mg%) 36 Thiamine (mg%) 0,03
K (mg%) 60 Riboflavine (mg%) 0,04
Ca (mg%) 132 B6 (mg%) 0,05
Mg (mg%) 16 B12 (mg%) 0,0002
Zn (mg%)  0,4 B3 (mg%) 0,046
Fe (mg%) 0,04 B5 (mg%) 0,09
Cu (mg%) 0,02 Vitamine E (mg%) 0,027
Mn (mg%) 0,02 Vitamine C (mg%) 3,6
P (mg%) 58 Vitamine A (I.U) 129,1
Cl (mg%) 0,16 Caroteen (mg%) 0,029

Camel milk doesn’t contain beta-lactoglobulin.

Shelf life of Camel milk

In the bottles of fresh milk, is raw camel milk! Therefore, the fresh milk has a shelf life in the refrigerator for max. 4 days. Immediately after the camels are milked, the milk is cooled to 4 ° C.

2.melkverwerkingA part of the fresh milk is frozen in bottles of 0.5 liter. The frozen milk has a shelf life of one year. If you want to drink the frozen camel milk, you have to thaw it in the refrigerator. Thereafter, the milk still has a shelf life of 3 days, provided that it is kept refrigerated. Milk that has been thawed cannot be refrozen.

Shake before use!
Because the camel milk is not pasteurized or sterilized, the fat in the milk will float on the milk. This does not change the taste, all you have to do is shake well before use!

The quality of camel milk is carefully monitored according to the Hygiene Package for dairy farms.

Alternative for cows milk

Some people do not drink cow’s milk. Camel milk could be a good alternative for these people. The taste of Camel milk is similar to that of cow’s milk. Camel milk is 100% cow’s milk protein-free. And contains only camel milk proteins. These proteins contribute to the growth of muscle mass and maintaining muscle mass and bone. Camel milk is a source of calcium this contributes to a normal blood clotting.

– Calcium contributes to a normal energy metabolism

– Calcium contributes to the normal functioning of the muscles

– Calcium contributes to a normal neurotransmission

– Calcium contributes to the normal functioning of digestive enzymes

– Calcium plays a role in the process of cell- division and specialization

– Calcium is needed for the maintenance of bones

– Calcium is needed for the maintenance of teeth

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