Camel Milk Chocolats – KAMELKA

Camel milk inspired bakery Vermeulen & Den Otter to develop chocolate made with camel milk. So the camel milk chocolates Kamelka arose. The chocolates are filled and there are in the flavors pure and milk. The chocolates are packed per 10 pieces in a box and also have the shape of a camel’s hump! They are fun to give as a present!

3.KamelenmelkbonbonsThe story behind the camel milk chocolates
In 2010, ‘s-Hertogenbosch was the Capital of Taste. Therefor a number of producers in the food business were designated to develop new products. In this context, bakery Vermeulen & Den Otter introduced in May 2010 its latest innovative product: chocolates made entirely with camel milk.

Bakery Vermeulen & Den Otter has a very good reputation in the area of ​​renewal and innovation. The company invents new products and applications in the bakery and confectionery industry, on a regular basis. The bakery has awards for Best Learning and Best Confectionery Netherlands. In 2009 came the idea of ​​using camel milk instead of cow’s milk in certain products. Bas Vermeulen: “The idea is to bring two worlds together and in addition, it is very ‘hot’ to come up with local produce.”.

The chocolates are on the market under the name Kamelka. An exclusive chocolate, available in flavors pure and milk, which has no equal on the Dutch market!

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