Wheelchair accessible

The elderly and people with a disability

Camels are nice animals, who love to cuddle and be pet.

It are friendly and patient animals, who are gentle to people, if you are nice to them as well.


The elderly or people with a disability can also visit the camels because of these characteristics and the activities that we do during a tour. They can feed and pet the camels, give the calves a bottle and if they want and able to, even sit on a camel.


Even if you are in a wheelchair or walk around with a walker, you can visit the camels in the stables!

Camels are very curious and love the attention, so they come very close to you, for a cuddle or some food.


We have two toilets for the disabled, 1 in the presentation room and 1 in the restaurant.


You can have a wonderfull time with the camels, for groups of all shapes and sizes.


For more information about our tours take a look at Excursion or Group Safari!

(Guide) dogs are welcome!

Guided dogs are welcome at the camel daiy. They can go with you everywhere on the farm. 

Other dogs are not allowed in the stables or in the presentation room. They can stay on the terrace and in the restaurant, if there are friendly and housetrained. We are not responsible for your dog if you leave them alone on the terrace or restaurant. We may not be there to watch them,

rolstoeltoegankelijke melkerij