Extra Aktivitäten

To make you visit on the camel dairy fun longer and more fun, we have several activities which you can book with the excursion, safari or any other guided tour.

"Shoot a Camel"

Who has the best aim?

When you book “Shoot a Camel” we are going to shoot at wooden camels with a tennisbal-canon!
If you hit them, they flip…..So who can hit the most camels?

Price: €3,- p.p.

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The Camel Adventure (NEW)

The Camel Adventure!

A game created by our own team and what you really must have played!

Een spel bedacht door ons eigen Team en wat je echt gespeeld moet hebben!

The group is divided into a number of roles, including Stallion, Mare and Calf, but also Farmer and Milker. It is the task of the Mare to fill as many bottles of milk as possible, but beware of the calf! If you are tapped by them, he drinks a bottle of milk.
The mare with the most bottles at the end of the game is the winner!

You could play this game multiple rounds and switch roles per round.

The Camel Adventure is suitable for young and old, so a fun activity for the family day!

up to 10 persons €30, –
> 10 persons €3,- p.p.


In our new stable we have made a new activity, a climbing wall!

Two people can go up, at the same time, and two people are on the ground for securing!
This activity really asks for teamwork and trust.

Next to the wall we have the second activity, hay-stacking!
Who can make the highest stack?
This also requires team-work, cause someone is on the ground for securing and another one for handing over the hay bales!

You can book this with an excursion, safari or children’s birthday party.
The minimum age is 10 year.

Price: €10,- p.p.

Klimwand Hooibaal stapelen

Combo Bossche Bol Workshop + Shoot a Camel

If you are in the vicinity of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, than you have to eat a Bossche Bol.
This is the famous local pastry, a puff cake filled with whipped cream and covered in chocolate!

In this workshop, you can make your own Bossche Bol, in combination with the activity Shoot a camel!
You can choose to eat the Bossche Bol instead of the cake at the presentation, or after the tour, with an extra cup of coffee or tea!

€7,50 p.p.


Combo Icecream workshop + "Shoot a Camel"

We proudly present a new combination-workshop!

The camel dairy farm has bought a professional ice cream maker, so we can make delicious ice cream with, of course, the camel milk!

But it is of course even more fun to make the icecream yourself.
In addition to the tour, you will go camel shooting and make your own ice cream.
You can make ± 2 flavors of ice cream.

Duration (total ± 75 minutes):
Camel shooting ± 30 minutes
Making ice ± 45 minutes

up to 10 persons €90, –
> 10 persons €9,- p.p.

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